Social responsibility

In Italy, corporate social responsibility is enshrined and protected by the Constitution, in which the Article 41 defines private economic initiative as “free” provided that it does not occur “in contrast with social utility".
Global Service operates in the context of social responsibility on human and workers rights, caring about ethical integrations within the business vision, guaranteeing ethical behaviour, respect for the parties involved, the principles of legality, human rights and equal opportunities.
Global Service's corporate policy harmonizes economic and social objectives, in a perspective of responsible sustainability, which implies the impossibility of separating business and ethic.

Policy for quality

GlobalService - Impegno Sociale

Our vision

For Global Service, being socially responsible means, first and foremost, investing in the own human capital, in workplace health and safety, in training, information and involvement of its employees in decision-making processes and corporate changes. It is achieved through the involvement of external contacts, including consultants, business partners, local communities and it’s realized with respect for the natural environment in which the company fits.
Global Service’s corporate culture does not intend Social Responsibility as a goal
to achieve, but considers it a path during which the company and its stakeholders try to improve each other continuously.
Among the initiatives that are part of Global Service's social responsibility programs there are donations, corporate volunteering, sponsorship of sporting events and communication campaigns.