Innovative and customized projects, whether it be new buildings or existing buildings. The project teams have in-depth skills in managing the entire life cycle of a project, from the initial stages of organization and planning, to the definition and execution of a plan.



We study together all the spaces of an environment, to enhance its lights and the characteristics of the context in which we find ourselves, therefore from a commercial premises, an office, a company or an entire building. In addition to the painting works, we carry out finishing services such as smoothing and decorations.


We are able to supply you and lay stone and stone floors, carry out counterblocking and varnishing of parquet, sanding and polishing marble. In addition to the realization of new works, we can replace any damaged tiles.



The importance of collaboration between the designer and coordinator for the design, in the case of dismantling, becomes essential. Before intervening, it is necessary to carry out an accurate analysis of the product to be demolished, including the collection of the resulting materials, their separation and any recycling in the component industry.



The false ceiling is a valid tool for the solution of acoustic, lighting, aesthetic and safety problems of all operating environments. Made of different materials (metallic, mineral fibers, wood, etc.) it allows the passage of systems and horizontal connections of any type.


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We offer customized solutions, in total respect of customer needs, to improve business efficiency and quality of life.

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