System maintenance

We place ourselves as the only interlocutor for Property, Manager or Tenant, in the installation and design of systems, in the management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, management and adaptation to user safety and comfort standards.

Ordinary maintenance

Air conditioning systems


The air conditioning systems must be checked regularly and must be cleaned by qualified personnel; a system can be considered clean only when all the surfaces of the system (in particular of the air ducts) do not present accumulations of particulates deemed unacceptable. We follow our customer from the design, to the realization up to the implementation with testing and related scheduled maintenance plan.

Electrical systems

Good corporate electrical maintenance is important and indispensable in any working context to operate with working tools, whether they are present, for example, in an office, shop or equipment used in a factory. Our role takes on an absolutely strategic value as it offers the possibility, to those who use it, to delegate to our employees all the management of the electrical part present in the office concerned.



The knowledge of the sector allows us to offer customizable solutions and specific consultancy. We ensure full compliance with the standards relating to the systems and the various fire prevention systems. our teams are equipped with vehicles and mobile technologies that allow you to meet every need directly on site. The main types of systems on which we carry out maintenance operations are: fire extinguishers, cylinders, hydrants, hose reels and connections for VV.F., sprinkler systems and pumping groups.

Global Service - Ordinary Maintenance

Prompt intervention



Our team of professional experts will be able to help you repair drains, repair taps, unclog pipes and sinks, replace siphons and water heaters or repair water slides. The plumber will make repairs as quickly as possible, using high quality materials.



We offer interventions for repairing locks, opening doors, repairing shutters and if necessary we also carry out carpentry works.



Our professionals will verify the extent of the problem, of whatever nature it is and the related repairs, ready to intervene in any type of home, office and shop. We are able to fully replace damaged glass in a short time.



We offer very fast assistance for ventilation, cooling and heating systems. We are able to find the necessary material to solve the problem, in a very short time. Everything to ensure the full efficiency and continuity of exercise of every work activity or public service.

Global Service - Prompt Intervention


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