The protection of the environment and natural resources, the fight against climate change and the contribution to sustainable economic development are  strategic factors in the planning, performance and development of Global Service's activities, as well as determining factors to consolidate the leadership of the company in the world of Facility Management.

Energy efficiency and transparency

For Global Service, environmental sustainability is an essential value, investing in innovative energy efficiency projects and implementing the execution of services with the best eco-sustainable impact, are founding values.

Transparency of business processes and monitoring of the company's partners supply chain, enable Global Service to reduce its environmental impact,
in terms of emissions and waste management.

Global Service - Ecosostenibilità
GlobalService - Ecosostenibilità

Our Environmental Management System

The Environmental Management System of Global Service, developed in
reference to the requirements specified in UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, allows to:

support the maximum commitment in the respect of the legislative framework as far as concerns the environmental impact of its actions;
ensure a planning aimed at positive environmental influences;
identify the best tools for the optimal management of the environmental system;
periodically check compliance with the requirements of the system in use;
implement a planned periodic review by management.

Global Service is particularly active in training and awareness of its employees on environmental issues; it uses supplier qualification criteria, based on their environmental performance, and promotes sustainable environmental practices among suppliers and customers.